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Virtual Learning Program » Virtual Learning FAQs

Virtual Learning FAQs

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  • What will distance learning look like? Distance learning will mimic a typical school day. It will be a structured day that includes expectations, learning objectives, whole group activities, small group activities, lunch time, brain breaks, etc. Students and teachers will communicate via Microsoft Teams. See sample schedules.
  • Who will be teaching the classes? St. John the Baptist Parish Public School District teachers will be teaching the virtual classes. This may or may not be a teacher from the student’s home school depending on the number of students in each grade level from each school and teachers who apply for the virtual program.
  • How long will my child be sitting in front of a computer each day? Students should expect to be on the computer between 3-5 hours each day depending on grade level. See sample schedules.
  • Are parents required to be present? Parents are not required to be present. However, we would ask parents to support their child with the virtual learning experience. This would include assisting the student with turning in assignments, homework, and responding to some feedback that the teacher may have about the student’s performance.
  • How will attendance be handled? Teachers will take daily attendance. Student absence can be excused with proper documentation.
  • What if I don’t have a laptop/computer? Each household with a virtual student will be provided with a device and hotspot, if needed.
  • Can I choose virtual learning once the school year starts? No. Because we have to plan for staffing, building capacity, etc. families who choose either virtual or in-person/hybrid learning are committing to this choice for the entire semester.
  • Can I register my preK student in virtual learning? Since preK is not a mandatory grade we are unable to offer the virtual learning option in Phase 2 or 3.
  • Will virtual learning continue in the spring? If all restrictions are lifted by government officials we would likely return to our traditional schedule. As long as we remain in Phase I, II or III, we plan to keep some type of distance learning in place.
  • Will I get help with learning the virtual platform? Parents and students will be required to attend orientation to become acclimated with the virtual classrooms. Orientation will include distribution of a Virtual Learning handbook, distribution of computers, distribution of schedules by grade and training on all aspects of Microsoft Teams.
  • If my child enrolls in virtual learning will they lose their spot at their current school? No. Students will be enrolled as students at their current school and will return to their home school site.
  • Will my child be able to participate in sports/extracurricular activities? Yes. They will be a member of the team/activity at their home school site.