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Business & Finance » Payroll Procedures

Payroll Procedures

The Stipend Payroll procedures are as follows:
  1. All extra payments that are not part of the regular monthly salary will only be paid on the regular monthly stipend payroll.
  2. To be eligible for the stipend payroll, employees have until the last day of the month to turn in all requests for payment; manual or electronic.
  3. To be eligible for the stipend payroll, supervisors have until 4:00 pm CST on the 5th of the month to turn in the approved payment, unless the 5th falls on a weekend, holiday or the summer. This means that all forms shall be placed in the payroll clerk’s mailbox located in the school board central office by 4:00 pm CST on the due date. For your convenience the following dates to turn in approved extra payments (manual or electronic)  are as follows:      


                               Date to be turned into payroll by supervisor             Date Paid


                                October 5th, 2017                                                          October 10th, 2017

                                November 3rd, 2017                                                      November 10th, 2017

                                December 5th, 2017                                                      December 8h, 2017

                                January 5th, 2018                                                          January 10th, 2018

                                February 5th, 2018                                                        February 9th, 2018

                                March 5th , 2018                                                           March 9th, 2018

                                April 5th, 2018                                                               April 10th , 2018

                                May 4th, 2018                                                               May 10th, 2018

                                May 31st, 2018                                                             June 7th , 2018