Employee Self Service

To All Employees of St. John the Baptist Parish School Board:


We have a new online feature, called Employee Self Service, that allows you immediate access to your individual payroll/personnel information. The information available includes:


  • Your most recent Paycheck data
  • History of paychecks by fiscal year
  • W-2 copies from 2011 till present
  • W-4 information
  • Paycheck simulator (You can change withholding information and see how it affects your actual paycheck;  Note, this is simulation only, to make actual change in withholding you must complete a new Form W-4 and/or L-4)
  • Total Compensation Report -  Shows what you and the Board pay together for salary and benefits
  • Employee Profile
  • Other payroll/personnel data


To access this new feature just click on the attached PDF and follow the instructions.