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Meal Payment Guidelines


In accordance with Louisiana Food and Nutrition Programs and The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the student meal payment status is determined through the free and reduced application process. Those students not eligible for free benefits must pay for their meals at the prices established for full and reduced price student meals. Regulations do not prohibit a school system from withholding a meal from a paying student who does not have money to pay for a meal.


Students may prepay for meals by the day, week, month or year. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide money for meals at school, a bag lunch or to seek free or reduced price benefits. Parents seeking free or reduced price meals are responsible for all meal payments until the application is approved. Payments can be made by check or cash. Timely payment is necessary, since the state will not allow the Child Nutrition Program to extend credit.


Students with no money are allowed to debit their account(s) up $2.00 (9th – 12th grade) $5.00 (Pre-K- 8th grade). In the case of an elementary (Pre-K thru 8th grade) student and the student has no money in their meal account or has reached his/her debit limit; the following action will be taken:


  1.       Automated or personal call and letter to parents stating that a student is late on his/her payment and the amount due.
  2.       Delinquent Notification the parents or guardians will be notified that a student’s account is delinquent.
  3.       Delinquent Notification – the parents or guardians will be notified of his/her failure to pay, by certified mail, and that the student subject to meals being withheld. If this occurs, parents or guardians will be reported to Children and Family Services.


The Child Nutrition Program is not in the practice of refusing to serve a child a meal. However, if parents or guardians fail to pay for a child’s meal on or before the specified deadline, lunch will not be served to the student. Parents or guardians of, 6th -8th grade students, should then be prepared to send a bag lunch with the child, since he or she will only be served partial meal items consisting of a roll or crackers, cheese, milk or juice.


No debits will be allowed for snacks or extra sale items. The cafeteria manager may be contacted regarding all student account balance(s).  Debit balance(s) may be paid at the school cafeteria or principal’s office. In addition, parents have the option to pay on line by visiting “School Payment Solutions” website –



NSF Checks


If one (1) non-sufficient fund check is received for one household, only cash or money order will be accepted for payment of meals thereafter. To insure that all checks for meal payments clear the bank prior to the end of school, no checks will be accepted after Friday of the first week in May.




The computer software used by school food service at each school tracks meal payments and meal purchases. Cash payments and check amounts and numbers are recorded. At the end of the school year, positive account balances will automatically carry forward to the next school year. If a student is moving out of the school system or a refund is desired at the end of the school year, a written request including name and correct mailing address must be given to the manager by May 15th. A refund check will be mailed within 30 days.


The above policy only applies to students. Teachers, staff and visitors are expected to pay per meal received.


Revised, 10/2014