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Post Ida Re-Opening Information for Virtual Students



SJBP Virtual High School Program Summary



The SJBP Virtual High School Program is a partnership between EdOptions Edmentum Academy and our great district. Further, the program serves all high schools in the parish with equal opportunity of content delivery with efficacy and instructional fidelity. EdOptions combines the use of synchronous and asynchronous learning for students in the available subject matter. Virtual school is in the first year of existence and shall improve with continued district use.


Program Snapshot


Total Enrollment

ESJH Wildcats -320

WSJH Rams -41

STEM Wildcats -74

Connections -9


Grade Level Enrollment

8th Grade -14

9th Grade -108

10th Grade -99

11th Grade -132

12th Grade -111

*Please note sixty-six (66) scholars have a current IEP and fifty-three (53) scholars have an active 504 Plan.


Program Registration


Parents and scholars register for SJBP Virtual School following the below steps.


· Notify the Principal (or designee) of intentions to attend SJBP Virtual School by email request.


· Parent (Guardian) receives an email or text of the SJBP Virtual School Demographic Survey Link (This information is collected for proper enrollment into EdOptions Edmentum Academy).


· Each day all results are collected and shared with the EdOptions Registration Team for approval.


· Once students are approved by EdOptions, scholars, and parents receive a welcome message from the EdOptions Edmentum Team containing log-in information and a program orientation link (within 12 to 36 hours of enrollment).


· The staff at ESJH then registers the scholars in classes which match the schedule followed prior to Hurricane Ida (Principals from other campuses forward the schedules for scholars requesting virtual from campuses other than ESJH).


· EdOptions then approves the course schedule for each scholar and an EdOptions Teacher is assigned to identified courses.


· Scholars and Parents receive a second welcome message from each EdOptions Teacher assigned to teach specific courses.


· Scholars can then begin the assigned courses, attending at the identified times on their active school schedule.


· All activities are graded by EdOptions Edmentum Academy Teachers and shared with the SJBP Virtual Team at ESJH.



Three-Tiered System

· Scholars attend 100% virtually using the EdOptions Edmentum Academy Platform.

· Scholars attend In-Person with one (1) virtual class on EdOptions Edmentum Academy.

· Scholars attend In-Person utilizing Courseware by Edmentum for 100% asynchronous instruction.



All scholars registered in the program have logged on to complete the orientation and should begin classes within three (3) to four (4) days of completing registration if they have not already begun coursework. Unfortunately, there was a slight delay in processing on the EdOptions side, but all snafus have been resolved, and the process streamlined. Moreover, a weekly Zoom meeting is held to make certain all parties are operating with complete understanding.


Log-In Information (website)