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School Rental Forms

The School Board believes that the function of school facilities is to accommodate approved school programs for students and to assist in meeting the educational, cultural, civic, social, and recreational needs of the community.
The use of school facilities by the community is considered a secondary function and shall be scheduled at times which do not interfere with regular school activities and athletic events including play off games. For this reason school facilities will be available to the community for use only after 4:00 PM on school days when a school day does not follow.
The School Board reserves the right to refuse any facilities request which:
  1. Concerns any activities prohibited by state, local, and/or school board laws and/or policies;
  2.  Is made for the purpose of regular commercial ventures or business for profit; 
  3. Is made by anyone who has failed to follow “Use of School Facilities Policy”;
  4. Is considered contrary to the best interests of the school system.
Any decision to refuse a request rests with the School Board and/or the Superintendent. School Principals may recommend that a request be refused for stated reasons. Should a request be refused by a principal, the organization making the request is obliged to relay the refusal to the Central Office for solicitation of the principal’s “stated reasons.” All like organizations will be treated equitably with regard to refusal of requests.
The use or school facilities by the community shall be based on a pre-numbered and properly documented “Use of Facilities Request/Lease Form” Must be obtained from the School Board Office.
When a request form is obtained from the School Board Office the requester must submit the following information:
  • Organization/User Name
  • Organization/User Address
  • Organization/User telephone Number
  • Organization/User Contact Person Name
  • Contact Person Address
  • Contact Person Telephone Number
The agreement shall contain, but not be limited to the following:
  1. A “hold Harmless” statement having the effect of holding the School Board free from any liability that may arise while the facilities are in use.
  2. A statement by the user claiming that they have been apprised of, understand and agree with the monetary terms of the agreement and the “Use of School Facilities Policy.”
  3. A statement that the user shall assume all responsibility for damages and/or maintenance expenses incurred, directly or indirectly resulting from their use.
Policy on Rental of School Facilities (Buildings and Grounds)
The school board cannot legally absorb any cost for use of its facilities by any nonschool system group. This amounts to a donation of public funds, which is not legal.
School rentals are divided into three categories with the following charges:
I. Normal function rental (i.e. wedding receptions, parties, non-school dances, etc.)
These rentals are basically everything that is not rented by a non-profit organization or where a cooperative endeavor is not entered into. The fees for this type of rental will be for a minimum of four-hour blocks for $ 750 per block without the use of kitchen and $ 900 per block with the use of the kitchen. The function can exceed the allotted four hours by an additional two hours. The user will be charged the regular hourly rate for all hours over the four hour minimum. The school board will only accept certified checks, cashiers checks, money orders or credit cards.
II. Non-profit organizations – A non-profit organization is an organization approved by the internal revenue service as non-profit and is not a governmental agency.
A $500 deposit will be required for non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations will be charged actual costs only, as long as the function is not for profit and the use is related to the purpose of the nonprofit organization. Actual costs of usage must be paid including utilities and the use of school employees. The final costs will be deducted from the deposit before it is refunded. An estimate of the fee can be given if requested. When computing the school employee cost, the actual hourly wage rate will be used times a benefit rate of 30 % times the actual number of hours worked. The school board will only accept certified checks, cashiers checks or money orders. The utility rate per hour for non-profit use is $ 20/ hour.
III. Cooperative endeavors
A cooperative endeavor can be entered into whereby the school board can absorb some or all of the costs associated with the rental as long as the school system benefits from the use. Only the board can enter into this type of agreement.
IV. Functions given to benefit a community need (i.e. benefit supper).
The board recognizes that its buildings are part of the community. If a function is given for a community need, the person/organization will be charged a flat $750 without a deposit. The principal will determine a “community need”. His/Her decision can be appealed to the Superintendent and then to the board. All other rules for the facility will be followed.
V. School related function
A school can use its facilities, in conjunction with another organization, for a function that directly benefits St. John Parish Public Students. Only the Superintendent can approve this type of facility use. Because this is school related, all fees are waived.
VI. Repass Rental
The school can be used for a repass function limited to two hours. The fee will be $ 250.
  1. One school employee must be present for the opening (unlocking), the use and closing (locking) of any facility used by a non-school system group.
  2. School system custodians will be used for clean-up after use by any non-school system group. Two school custodians will be approved for four hours of cleaning or one custodian for eight hours.
  3. The user will be allowed four hours for decorating and must be accompanied by a school board employee. Only decorations will be allowed that will not permanently damage the site. The school board employee will be approved for those four hours.
  4. After approval of all uses, the principal shall schedule the function and use of custodians.
  5. Under no circumstances shall any furniture or equipment be moved from one school to another except for school related activities.
  6. A school system cook must be present for the entire time of any approved use involving kitchen equipment. The cook will be approved for six hours. In the interest of safety, there shall be no exception to this provision. After approval of all uses involving kitchen equipment, the lunch department shall be notified of the particulars to make a determination of and schedule the use of cooks.
  7. For all normal function rentals a deputy will be present at all times during the function. It is the responsibility of the principal to schedule a deputy. The school board will pay the deputy for five hours for a four hour function and nine hours for an eight hour function. The school employee assigned to the function will be instructed to cancel the function if a deputy is not present.
  8. Facility rentals will only be approved if all fees are paid at least two weeks prior to the scheduled event.
  9. All users/renters shall carry General Liability insurance with a limit of no less than $ 1,000,000 combined single limit and provide a Certificate of Insurance, as evidence, including St. John School District being named as an Additional Insured. If alcohol is to be consumed during event, the liability policy shall contain a provision to cover alcohol consumption.
** Reference Louisiana Attorney General Opinions:
Number 01-381
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