Third-graders read for chance to win a bike

Third-graders have a chance to using their reading to ride away with a new bike this year.

Paul and Cheryl Millet from Saints Optical are spearheading a program in St. John the Baptist Parish private and public schools called “Reading to Ride!”  One boy and one girl third-grader from every school in the parish will get a chance to win a bike.

Teachers will work with students to make sure every student has at least one opportunity to win and when possible to provide independent time in class to read. After completing their book, students will submit an interactive notebook activity where they will list items including the characters, the problem and solution, the main idea and their favorite part. In return, they will receive a Reading to Ride Achievement Card to be dropped into a bucket. The top three readers among boys and the top three among girls from each school will receive a plaque and be entered into the drawing for a bike.

Good luck to all of our third-graders and thanks to Saints Optical for making a difference in our community!

reading to ride