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Procedures for requesting changes to prior months attendance records:
Employee procedures:
  1. Log into Kronos
  2. Go to the month in question, using the calendar icon next to Current Pay Period (if you don’t know how to do this, ask your supervisor)
  3. Print a hard copy of the month in question by using Print Timecard button
  4. With a highlighter or ink pen, make manual corrections to what you want to change (example: If you want to change unofficial leave to sick leave, scratch through unofficial leave and write in sick leave)
  5. Sign the bottom of the hard copy and give to your supervisor


    Supervisor procedures:
  1. Receive employee's timesheet with written corrections
  2. Verify changes requested by employee
  3. Sign off your approval on the bottom
Forward to the Payroll Department the signed employee corrected printout and the signed supervisor corrected printout.

When the Payroll Department receives the signed timesheet, we will start making adjustments in the Munis Payroll System. We will process and notify employees when the final adjustments will be corrected and when they will be paid if a refund is due.