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Head Start and Early Childhood Programs

The St. John the Baptist Parish Head Start and Early Childhood Programs offer tuition free educational experiences to students ages Birth to Five to promote school readiness. Our programs provide 6 and 7 hour instructional days, 5 days a week, at no cost to the families of St. John the Baptist Parish. 
Our programs service students and families located on the East Bank and West Bank of St. John the Baptist Parish. Our Early Childhood programs are state, local, and federally funded. You must apply to be considered for one of the many programs we offer.

The Head Start and Early Childhood Program is a community partnership, unifying childcare programs under the direction of the St. John the Baptist Parish Public School District. Our school district supports curriculum implementation, teacher observations, and assessments at six participating childcare facilities. In addition, we serve 3 and 4 year old Head Start and Pre-K students within five of our public elementary schools. Childcare centers that are within our community network include Little Starrs Center, Garden of Eden Christian Academy, Kids of Distinction Learning Academy, Little Blessings Learning Academy, Little Harvard Learning Academy, Little Leaders Academy, and Ascension of our Lord.

What is Head Start?
Head Start promotes the school readiness of children age's birth to 5 from low income families by supporting their development in a comprehensive way. Head Start provides comprehensive services in Education, Health, Nutrition, Parent Engagement, Disabilities, Mental Health, Family Support Services, Early Intervention, etc. ensuring all students we serve are equipped with necessary tools to be successful in grades Kindergarten and beyond. All Head Students served in St. John the Baptist Parish will be afforded services such as medical and dental care, healthy and nutritious meals, snacks, high-quality instruction, and quality recreation opportunities. Also, Head Start services aim to meet the needs of students with exceptionalities. Included in the Tier 1 Curriculum are special supports to assist students to grow academically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically. Support is also rendered by the St. John the Baptist Parish Special education department. Children experiencing homelessness and in foster care are categorically eligible for the Head Start program. 
All programs in St. John the Baptist Parish are rated High Proficient or Proficient. Apply today to give your child a Head Start in their educational journey.
Early Childhood Program and Head Start Director
Melissa Watson
Supervisor of Early Childhood Programs (Birth to 5)
Venus Simms
[email protected]
Education and Disability Coordinator
Pamelyn McKnight-Smith
Fiscal Manager
Eshonna Lane
[email protected]
Family and Community Engagement Coordinator
Alecia Johnson
Head Start Health Coordinator
Ladasha Hickerson Baker
Early Childhood Master Teacher
Clare Fernandez
[email protected]
Dawn Champagne
[email protected]
Head Start Clerk
January Scott
[email protected]