Director of Special Education
Dr. Stacey Spies
Special Education Administrators:
Coordinator of Compliance and Discipline
Desiree M Bennett- [email protected] 
Coordinator of Compliance and Discipline
Alison Cupit- [email protected]
Speech and Language Coordinator
Danielle Folse- [email protected]
IEP Coordinator
Sherelle Guidry- [email protected]
Special Education Program Coordinator
Cynthia Owens- [email protected]
Pupil Appraisal Coordinator
Cherisse Steib- [email protected] 
Implementation Coach 
Tyra Duhe'-Griffin, M.Ed. - [email protected] 
Special Education Clerks:
Josephine Maxent- [email protected]
Carla Reid- [email protected]
Tricia Young- [email protected] 
Speech Diagnostician
Joanna Hastings- [email protected]
504 Services
Pebbles Delaneuville- [email protected] 
Homebound Services
Keisha Daisy- Bolden- [email protected] 
Inclusion Support Teachers
Nita Jones- [email protected]
Christopher Owens- [email protected] 
Kirwin Jackson- [email protected]
Pupil Appraisal Staff:
School Social Worker
Brooke Bazile- [email protected]
School Social Worker
Michelle Cancienne- [email protected]
Educational Diagnostician
Melissa Dufresne- [email protected]
School Psychologist
Shelby Greene- [email protected]
School Social Worker
Cindy Graham- [email protected]
School Social Worker
Shelley Hall- [email protected]
Educational Diagnostician
Effie Jackson- [email protected] 
School Psychologist
Colette Martin- [email protected]
School Psychologist
Christine Stauder- [email protected] 
School Psychologist
Dienielle Troxclair- [email protected] 
Occupational Therapist
Tracie Pertuit- [email protected]
Carrie Robertson- [email protected]
Physical Therapist
Angie Barre- [email protected]
Terri Jenkins- [email protected]
Adaptive Physical Education Teachers:
Courtney Becnel- [email protected]
Kelly Gautreaux Kliebert- [email protected]
Jean Anne Newberry- [email protected]
Ashley Trosclair- [email protected]